Saturday, March 20, 2010

The first 6 months

I'm 35 years old and 6 months pregnant with twins. All my life, this has been my dream and though it hasn't been a dance on roses, both my husband and I are thrilled!!
Some background information - the pregnancy wasn't planned (at least not for it to happen just yet), so the positive pregnancy test was the first big surprise. After a long night at the ER because of extreme stomach cramps when I was about 6 weeks, I was told there were 2. When I came out into the waiting room, Albert said "you don't need to tell me, I know what you're going to say". My face had been a complete mixture of indescribably joy - my dream had come true! - and total fear - how will I tell Albert? But after a few days he was just as thrilled as me!

The first 4 months were terrible, I had so-called morning sickness 24 hours a day, I lost 5.5 kilos and puked non-stop. After about 4 months, the puking stopped and a few weeks later the worst of the nausea stopped. However, I have always loved food but I still struggle, and at times have to force myself to eat.

On March 1st the doctors told me I had to stop working. I should rest and just enjoy being pregnant - I'm still allowed to do my pregnancy yoga, meet friends for coffee and enjoy life, I'm just not allowed to do anything physically or mentally exhausting. The best doctor's order I've ever received!

So, now that I'm 6 months into my pregnancy, I've suddenly decided to write about it. Why? Because so much happens every day and it's just impossible to remember what happens when. Since this is a time I would like to remember fondly, I have decided to write about it and write both the good and the bad things. Unfortunately I mainly remember the first 4 months as being terrible, but I know there have been good times as well, and I want to make sure that I remeber the good times from now on.

One constant good thing in my life has been Albert and the support I'm getting from family, friends and colleagues. Thank you all for that!
Albert has been taking such good care of me, the house and our 2 cats that I can only say I must be blessed with the best husband in the world. Not that he's perfect, nobody is, but he's prefect for me!

This was a quick re-cap, from now on I will write more of a dairy style posts.
Now it's off to sleep, goodnight and sweet dreams.

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