Friday, June 25, 2010

The last weeks

OK, so I haven't written in months.... There haven't been any super positive things to write about, and frankly I've just been counting the days until the pregnancy is over. I'm now at 38 weeks, nobody ever thought I would get this far - and the girls are still making no signs of wanting to come out.

Saturday June 12th we went to the hospital, I had started getting contractions and hoped the girls were on their way out. They kept me in hospital for about 2 hours, told me the contractions were regular at 6-8 minutes and that I had dilated 1 cm, but that I needed to dilate more. We were sent home with instructions of coming back when the contractions were regular every 5 minutes - which could happen in 1 hour or in 3-4 days. They consoled me by saying I would definitely not last until 28 June when the scheduled C-section is planned, the process had started! We were soooo thrilled, mainly to finally meet the girls, but also for me to finally not be pregnant anymore.

Monday 14 June in the evening we went back to the hospital - the contractions were more painful than Saturday, and were regular every 5 minutes. The doctors once again checked everything, agreed that the contractions were regular but told me I had still not dilated any more than Saturday - if I don't dilate I'm not ready to give birth. Once again, we were sent home with instructions of coming back when the contractions were regular every 3 minutes, or of course if my water broke. Home we went again....

Wednesday 16 June the mucus-plug came out. I won't go into details, if you don't know what it is, feel blessed - it was GROSS!!!!! Especially because it landed on my thumb, yuck!! I called the hospital, they said it was another step in the process and that I was even closer to the birth now, but no need to come in unless the contractions came every 3 minutes. I was soooooo excited!!

Friday evening, June 18th, we went back to the hospital - the contractions were regular every 2-3 minutes and very painful. We were convinced that this would be the day, I had been having contractions for a week, it was the 3rd time we went to the hospital that week - lucky 3s and all - and the contractions were stronger than ever before.
I was checked, observed, and after a few hours told that I had still not dilated, time to go home again. I couldn't believe it! I tried telling the doctors that "the process" had been going on for 1 week, I was in pain, I was fed up, I couldn't handle it anymore. But they were cold and said if I didn't dilate there was nothing they could do. Home we went again.....

We figured that though the doctors had said I wouldn't make it to the 28th, we should probably count on it happening that day. As it turns out, I'm born 16 days late by C-section because my mom also didn't dilate, and my brother was born by C-section for the same reason. I guess it runs in the family.

But then I had a horrible night the night of Tuesday 22 June, and in the morning I was in so much pain I could hardly handle it. Finally I called Albert at work and said I had to go back to the hospital, the pain was unbearable. And it was a different kind of pain, further down and kind of deeper than the other times, so I assumed it was because I was probably dilating - not that I have any clue what that feels like, but I decided it must feel like that.
The doctors checked me again, measured the contractions and after a few hours told me I had not dilated at all and the contractions were clearly not birth-contractions. Again I tried everything, told them I couldn't handle the pain, asked them to perform the C-section that day, what difference would 6 days make? The girls were big enough to be born, I was almost at 38 weeks which is full-term for twins and my belly was the size of a basketball. But there was no sympathy whatsoever, and less than 2 hours later we were in a taxi going home again. I cried all the way home, and for hours after. That day I finally realized nothing would happen until the planned cesearian the 28th.

Today is Friday June 25th, officially only 3 days left. Albert suggested I call the hospital to find out what exactly will happen on Monday - will they do the c-section that day, can I eat normally during the day, do we have to bring the bag, etc. And SHOCK - more bad news.... Though we were originally told that the 28th would be the day the pregnancy ended if nothing happened before, they told me on the phone this morning that it was just an appointment for an "evaluation" - they're just going to see how I'm doing, how the girls are and how the pregnancy is coming along. I could theoretically risk being sent home again.....
I will do everything I possibly can to avoid that happening, I can't handle being pregnant anymore, and I want to hold our girls. The pregnancy is becoming such a drag that I'm starting to worry I will feel recentment towards the girls if it doesn't stop soon, which would be absolutely terrible!! I can't sleep at night, I have no appetite, I feel sad and cry way too often, I need for it to be over!!! I will be 39 weeks pregnant on Monday, a great achievement with twins. It should be possible to convince the doctors on Monday - here's crossing my fingers!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

25-week ultrasound

We had an appointment at the hospital today for the 25-week ultrasound. Since it wasn't until 10:45, we decided to go see some "guarderias" (day-care centers) before, as well as the school right across the street from where we live, where the girls will be starting when they're 3 years old. We were positively surprised by what we saw - open, spacious places with outdoor playgrounds for the kids, helpful, smiling, kind people everywhere we went, it was wonderful.
We arrived at the hospital about 45 minutes early, and the doctor told us it wasn't a problem, there was only 1 lady before us. "Great" we thought, "we'll get in early". Yeah, right...
At 10:45 the lady before us had still not gone in. She was Chinese and didn't speak any Spanish or Catalan, so they were waiting for a translator. I guess she had disappeared somewhere or was really busy, coz at about 11:00 they called in the Chinese lady and there was still no translator.
At 11:45, 1 hour later than scheduled, we were finally called in. Since they were behind schedule, everything was done really quickly, and we didn't even get to see the girls properly, what a disappointment! But at least we were told that all 3 of us are doing great, which is the most important thing!
Last time we were at the hospital the doctor had given me a prescription for some medication which would help the dizzy-spells I was getting. I ran out about 1 week ago, and can feel the dizzyness coming back, so today I meant to ask my doctor whether I am allowed to continue with the medication, or whether it's too strong and it's better not to take anymore. I told her the medication she prescribed last time ran out about a week ago, to which she replied
"Yes, there's no medication which will last for 9 months".
"No, I'm aware of that", I replied, "I was just wondering whether it's possible to buy a new batch or whether ..."
"Yes", she interrupted, "I think it's possible to buy more at the pharmacy".
"Ok, thank you. I was just wondering whether I was allowed to continue with it, or whether it was too strong".
"I wouldn't prescribe medication which you aren't allowed to take".
Ok, at this point I decided that she must be in a bad mood today, and stopped asking more questions. At least I know I'm OK, our girls are OK, and I bought more medication this afternoon to make sure it stays this way!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Operation Satellite Dish

This weekend we finally installed our satellite dish. Back in June 2009 we bought a new apartment, which we moved into in Oct 2009 after refurbishing it completely. One of the first things we did was ask permission to put up our satellite dish - it was turned down in Dec. We then complained that there were already about 5 on the roof, why were we not allowed? So last week Thursday, 3 months later, we finally got written permission. Every Saturday morning Albert has Chinese class 10-12, Friday afternoon he went out and bought a drill, screws, etc to have everything ready for Saturday. As soon as he came home from Chinese, the project started.
It started out really well, first part was to drill a 42 cm long hole from our livingroom and through the facade of the building. That was what we were most worried about, but it went smoothly. We figured the worst part was over now, and went on the roof to put up the satellite dish. And this was where the problems started... We measured out the 4 holes we needed to drill, but when we put the screws in the wall, the hole just got bigger and bigger as the wall slowly crumbled away under his fingers. After 2-3 tries, the screws were so damaged we had to leave the project so Albert could go and buy new screws. Since we sometimes don't think (and since the screws were quite expensive), he only bought 4 new ones. After another 2-3 tries, these screws were useless... Once again, Albert went to the shop, and this time bought 8 new screws. By the time he came back it was dark, so we were on the roof drilling holes using a flashlight. Nothing seemed to want to work, and eventually we gave up. The next morning we tried again, and after a total of 24 holes we finally managed to find a stable place in a wall which faced (more or less) in the right direction. And very surprisingly it only took very few tries to find the channels and get the dish installed correctly. So we now have German TV again, as well as some English news channels. It's wonderful!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The first 6 months

I'm 35 years old and 6 months pregnant with twins. All my life, this has been my dream and though it hasn't been a dance on roses, both my husband and I are thrilled!!
Some background information - the pregnancy wasn't planned (at least not for it to happen just yet), so the positive pregnancy test was the first big surprise. After a long night at the ER because of extreme stomach cramps when I was about 6 weeks, I was told there were 2. When I came out into the waiting room, Albert said "you don't need to tell me, I know what you're going to say". My face had been a complete mixture of indescribably joy - my dream had come true! - and total fear - how will I tell Albert? But after a few days he was just as thrilled as me!

The first 4 months were terrible, I had so-called morning sickness 24 hours a day, I lost 5.5 kilos and puked non-stop. After about 4 months, the puking stopped and a few weeks later the worst of the nausea stopped. However, I have always loved food but I still struggle, and at times have to force myself to eat.

On March 1st the doctors told me I had to stop working. I should rest and just enjoy being pregnant - I'm still allowed to do my pregnancy yoga, meet friends for coffee and enjoy life, I'm just not allowed to do anything physically or mentally exhausting. The best doctor's order I've ever received!

So, now that I'm 6 months into my pregnancy, I've suddenly decided to write about it. Why? Because so much happens every day and it's just impossible to remember what happens when. Since this is a time I would like to remember fondly, I have decided to write about it and write both the good and the bad things. Unfortunately I mainly remember the first 4 months as being terrible, but I know there have been good times as well, and I want to make sure that I remeber the good times from now on.

One constant good thing in my life has been Albert and the support I'm getting from family, friends and colleagues. Thank you all for that!
Albert has been taking such good care of me, the house and our 2 cats that I can only say I must be blessed with the best husband in the world. Not that he's perfect, nobody is, but he's prefect for me!

This was a quick re-cap, from now on I will write more of a dairy style posts.
Now it's off to sleep, goodnight and sweet dreams.