Wednesday, March 24, 2010

25-week ultrasound

We had an appointment at the hospital today for the 25-week ultrasound. Since it wasn't until 10:45, we decided to go see some "guarderias" (day-care centers) before, as well as the school right across the street from where we live, where the girls will be starting when they're 3 years old. We were positively surprised by what we saw - open, spacious places with outdoor playgrounds for the kids, helpful, smiling, kind people everywhere we went, it was wonderful.
We arrived at the hospital about 45 minutes early, and the doctor told us it wasn't a problem, there was only 1 lady before us. "Great" we thought, "we'll get in early". Yeah, right...
At 10:45 the lady before us had still not gone in. She was Chinese and didn't speak any Spanish or Catalan, so they were waiting for a translator. I guess she had disappeared somewhere or was really busy, coz at about 11:00 they called in the Chinese lady and there was still no translator.
At 11:45, 1 hour later than scheduled, we were finally called in. Since they were behind schedule, everything was done really quickly, and we didn't even get to see the girls properly, what a disappointment! But at least we were told that all 3 of us are doing great, which is the most important thing!
Last time we were at the hospital the doctor had given me a prescription for some medication which would help the dizzy-spells I was getting. I ran out about 1 week ago, and can feel the dizzyness coming back, so today I meant to ask my doctor whether I am allowed to continue with the medication, or whether it's too strong and it's better not to take anymore. I told her the medication she prescribed last time ran out about a week ago, to which she replied
"Yes, there's no medication which will last for 9 months".
"No, I'm aware of that", I replied, "I was just wondering whether it's possible to buy a new batch or whether ..."
"Yes", she interrupted, "I think it's possible to buy more at the pharmacy".
"Ok, thank you. I was just wondering whether I was allowed to continue with it, or whether it was too strong".
"I wouldn't prescribe medication which you aren't allowed to take".
Ok, at this point I decided that she must be in a bad mood today, and stopped asking more questions. At least I know I'm OK, our girls are OK, and I bought more medication this afternoon to make sure it stays this way!

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